Bananas to barbells

Bananas to Barbells

From Bananas to Barbells is a booklet compiled by our Agency Director Nils Wimby. It contains ideas and strategies regarding marketing, strategy work and organisation of marketing efforts.

From the introduction;

"Marketing is a truly complex exercise. Just imagine balancing the desires of management, sales, IT and legal departments, managing digitalization and a tidal wave of new media channels, trying to make sense of whether millennials are a completely new breed of people, or just the same as the rest of us. lists over 50 000 books on the topic of Marketing and Sales. The top 20 books average over 300 pages each. I would venture a guess that most of these millions of pages are bought but never read.

This booklet is just 32 pages. Instead of giving people hundreds of complex pages, this book gives you just six easy models or ideas on marketing principles. Most of them are borrowed. All of them are simplified. But maybe that makes this book short enough to be read, and the models simple enough to be remembered."

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